(026) Frederick John Curness

(B034) 1834. Lambeth. London.

(C026) 26th Jan 1834. St John the Evangelist. Lambeth. London.

(D026) 13th Mar 1882. Lambeth. London.

Occupation :- Journeyman Brass Moulder, Journeyman Brass Founder, Brass Moulder.

Married (M009) 25th Feb 1856. St John. Walworth. London.


(034) Ann Banks

(B034) 15th Sep 1833. Holborn. London.

(C034) 24th Aug 1834. St Andrew. Holborn. London.

(D034) 17th Apr 1875. Southwark. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(035) Frederick Joseph Curness (B) 21st Feb 1857. Lambeth. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1912. Poplar. London.

(036) John William Curness (B) 18th Mar 1859. Lambeth. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1860. West London.

(037) Louisa Curness (B) 22nd Jun 1861. West London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1893. Lambeth. London.

(039) William Henry Curness (B) 22nd Aug 1863. Lambeth. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1932. Camberwell. London.

(040) Ann Maria Curness (B) 28th Sep 1865. Lambeth. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1923. Camberwell. London.

(042) George Curness (B) 4th Jul 1872. Southwark. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1961. Winchester. Hampshire.


Remarried (M010) 12th Mar 1876. St John. Walworth. London.


(043) Mary Jane Matthews (Ball)

(B043) 22nd Jun 1840. Holborn. London.

(C043) 18th Jul 1840. St Mary. Aldermary. London.

(D043) 27th May 1880. Lambeth. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(044) John Frederick Curness (B) 6th Apr 1877. Southwark. London. - (D) 4th Jun 1954. Camberwell. London.

(045) Alfred Curness (B) 19th Mar 1880. Lambeth. London. - (D) 8th Aug 1880. Lambeth. London.


Remarried (M011) 13th Mar 1881. St Mary. Lambeth. London.


(046) Catherine (Ellen) Goose (Pamenter)

(B046) Sep Qtr 1847. Lambeth. London.

(C046) 16th Jul 1847. St Mary. Lambeth. London.

(D046) 27th Oct 1923. Balham. London.

Occupation :- Tailoress.


Footnote :- On census night 1881, Frederick John, his third wife Catherine, the surviving children from his first two marriages, plus step-children from the second and third marriages, were all living together at 9 Canterbury Place, Lambeth. See attachment (A 001). Except for his eldest son Frederick Joseph who was already married.

(A 001)