(008) William Curniss

(B008) 1806. Holborn. London.

(C008) 25th Dec 1806. St Andrew's. Holborn. London.

(D008) 22nd May 1869. Southwark. London.

Occupation :- Labourer, Brass Founder.

Married (M007) 14th Aug 1825. Christ Church. Greyfriars. Newgate. London.


(023) Charlotte Torr

(B023) 12th May 1807. Hoxton Town. London.

(C023) 9th Aug 1807. St Leonard's. Shoreditch. London.

(D023) 9th Sep 1863. Southwark. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(024) William Edwin Curness (B) 19th Jul 1827. Holborn. London. - (D) ?. ?.

(025) Charlotte Curness (B) 1829. Lambeth. London. - (D) ?. ?.

(026) Frederick John Curness (B) 1834. Lambeth. London. - (D) 13th Mar 1882. Lambeth. London.

(027) Edwin Curness (B) 1835. Lambeth. London. - (D) 7th May 1838. Lambeth. London.

(028) John Benjamin Curness (B) 18th Dec 1838. Lambeth. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1884. Islington. London.

(029) William Isaac (Robert) Curness (B) 11th April 1841. Lambeth. London. - (D) 9th Aug 1901. Greenwich. London.

(030) George Robert Curness (B) 10th Apr 1843. Lambeth. London. - (D) 13th Nov 1852. Lambeth. London.

(031) Henry James Curness (B) 30th Nov 1845. Lambeth. London. - (D) 17th Nov 1912. Greenwich. London.

(032) Ann Louisa Curness (B) 15th Aug 1848. Southwark. London. - (D) 22nd Mar 1850. Lambeth. London.

Footnote :- This couple are, I believe the two people that started the whole Curness family tree as it is today. The four branches formed by Frederick John, John Benjamin, William Isaac (Robert) and Henry James are the main ones that exist today and every Curness born in the world today is a descendant of one of the four.