(007) James Curness

(B007) 1799. Holborn. London.

(C007) 25th Dec 1802. St Andrew's. Holborn. London.

(D007) 1836. Blackfriars. London.

Occupation :- Porter, Cutler.

Married (M003) 13th Feb 1820. St Leonard's. Shoreditch. London.


(009) Hannah Parkins

(B009) 1794. ?.

(D009) 1829. Blackfriars. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(010) Catharine Curness (C) 18th Aug 1820. St Sepulchre. London. - (D) ?. ?.

(011) John Curness (B) 21st Dec 1821. Holborn. London. - (D) 28th Mar 1884. Hackney. London.

(599) James Curness (C) 26th May 1833. St John the Evangelist. Lambeth. London. - (D) ?. ?.

(012) Hannah Curness (C) 12th July 1835. St John the Evangelist. Lambeth. London. - (D) ?. ?.

(013) George Henry Curness (C) 2nd Oct 1836. St Ann's. Blackfriars. London. - (D) ?. ?.

Footnote :- I know nothing about James except that his occupation was as a cutler, which meant that he was a maker of cutlery, knives, forks etc. Apart from his son John I do not have any records of what happened to him, is wife Hannah and the other three children. My guess is, that Catherine, Hannah and George Henry died in infancy and that Hannah died shortly after the birth of George but this is still to be confirmed. There were probably more children, seeing there is a large gap in years between John and Hannah but there are no records for them that I can find.

I have left the above footnote as I originally wrote it, to show how a few new bits of information can change the whole picture. Recently I found some burial notices for individuals who died before central record started in 1837, which are not normally easy to find, as you have to know the exact cemetery where the individuals were interred. Some time ago I had located an entry for the death of a Hannah Curness who died in 1829 but because of the Baptisms of the children Hannah and George were as shown, I felt that I could not use it with any certainty. But the new information showed that a James Curniss died in 1836. Upon closer inspection of both notices, it shows they were both buried at St Ann, Blackfriars and both lived in Jackson Court, which is where George was born. So, I now believe that they were indeed husband and wife. I also found another son James, Baptised in 1833. I now believe that the children James, Hannah and George were born between 1822 and the death of their mother Hannah in 1829 and that they were Baptised after their mother had died, when they were older, rather than soon after birth as was the norm. As I have no further records for Catherine, James, Hannah and George, I have guessed that these children either died or were taken in by either members of the Parkin family or friends and their surnames were changed.