(518) Charlotte Curniss

(B518) 19th Aug 1811. Shoreditch. London.

(AC518) 21st Aug 1837. St Leonard's. Shoreditch. London.

(D518) Dec Qtr 1887. Hackney. London.

Occupation :-

Married. (M216) 6th Sep 1830. Christ Church Greyfriars. Newgate. London.


(532) Joseph Eldridge

(B532) 1803. Westminster. London.

(C532) ?. ?.

(D532) Dec Qtr 1871. West Ham. London.

Occupation :- Shoe and Boot Maker.

Children :-

Joseph James Eldridge (B) 2nd Jul 1831. Clerkenwell. London. -

Charles Eldridge (B) 26th Nov 1832. Clerkenwell. London. -

Charlotte Ann Eldridge (B) 28th Aug 1834. Clerkenwell. London. -

Joseph John Eldridge (B) 19th Mar 1836. Bethnal Green. London. -

Edward Eldridge (B) 20th Aug 1838. Bethnal Green. London. -

Alfred Eldridge (B) 22nd Nov 1842. Bethnal Green. London. -

Emily Harriet Eldridge (B) 5th Jun 1845. Bethnal Green. London. -

Alice Eldridge (B) Dec Qtr 1851. Bethnal Green. London. -

Foot Note :- In the begining I had trouble finding anything about Charlotte apart from the date of her Adult Christening which I found on "Family Search". But when I perchased a number of copies of the Christening entries for the early years I found that at the time of her Adult Christening she was already married to a Joseph Eldridge. So I did a search for a Joseph Eldridge and found one that married a Charlotte Carness at the date and place shown on this page.