(002) Edward Curniss

(B002) ?. ?.

(C002)?. ?.

(D002) ?. ?.

Occupation :- Brass Founder.

Married. (M208) 18th Sep 1791. St Leonard. Shoreditch. London.


(514) Harriott Moore

(B514) ?.

(D514) ?.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(596) Mary Ann Curness (B) 22nd Sep 1792. West London. - (D) ?.

(515) Sarah Curniss (C) 15th Apr 1798. St Andrew. Holborn. London. - (D) ?.

(602) Edward James Carnis (C) 29th Jun 1800. St Andrew. Holborn. London. - (D) ?.

(516) Harriet Curniss (B) 29th Feb1809. Shoreditch. - (D) ?.

(518) Charlotte Curniss (B) 19th Aug 1811. Shoreditch. - (D) Dec Qtr 1887. Hackney. London.

(517) Ann Curniss (B) 18th Oct 1816. Shoreditch. - (D) ?.

Footnote :- As with James I know no more about Edward than appears above. I did think at one stage that he might have died around August 1837 for he was mentioned at the adult christening of the daughter Harriet but not at the adult christening of Ann and Charlotte four days later. But after the purchase of copies of their christening certificates it turns out that both Edward and Harriott were deceased at the time of all three Adult Christenings. I have recently discovered two more children for Edward and Harriott, and feel that there could have been others, as in those days there was usually a two year gap between the births of children. Plus, as in the case of Edward junior, another way of spelling our surname. The new information also indicates that upon the death of Edward and Harriott the girls at least were taken in by the Harrison family. This is shown in various ways. A James Harrison is witness at both Mary Ann and Sarah's marriages. The name Harrison appears on the adult Christening of Charlotte and Ann before being crossed out and replaced wih Curniss. On the same document their father is given as James before he too is crossed out. There are two items that pertain to Charlotte marriage to Joseph Eldridge which are dated 1829 and 1830. The 1829 version is I believe the reading of the Banns (thus the three strokes on the right hand side of the page) where she is shown as Charlotte Harrison Curness. Sadly the Marriage Cerificate is very blurred and is had to read. At this point in time I cannot say how the families came together or whether they were related by marriage.