People with Curness as a Christian Name

(1) Curness Mann (Ex American Navy. See Photograph CM1)

(2) Curness Pierre Russell (Lieutenant in the American Navy)

(3) Curness Bolan (Athletics in Florida)

(4) Curness A. Bolan (Born 18th Mar 1911, Died 4th Dec 1986. Byrneville Gravestone Registry)

(5) Curness Neal Bolan (Reserved. Byrneville Gravestone Registry)

(6) Cora Curness Gladney (Mother of Elsie Eloise born 1926 Tusk County, Texas)

(7) Curness Milford Lampley (Lampley reunion 2003)

(8) Cristian Curness Beardah (1988 Mathematics, Nottingham)

(9) Curness McDuffie.

(10) Edward Curness (A Chantry Priest at All Saints Church. Annesley. Nottingham. in 1548)

People with Curness as a Surname Name

(1) Tracy Curness (Board of Education, City of Los Angeles)

(2) Kyle Curness (Czech/Slovak heritage in the Chicago area)

(3) Thomas Curness (1850 census Pennsylvania)

(4) Daisy Curness (1900 census Indiana)

(5) Herbert Curness (Aged 41, 1930 census California)

(6) Lilian Curness ( Aged 36, 1930 census California)

(7) James Curness (Aged 17, 1881 census Quebec, Canada. Irish)

(8) Bridget Curness (Passenger List, Ireland to America, 1846 - 1865)

(9) Graham Curness (Wrong spelling should be Curless)

(10) Terry W. Curness (Wrong spelling should be Curnes)

Other uses of the name

(1) The Temple of Curness (Found in a computer game Planet ADnD)

(2) Curness (Used as a noun on various sites)

(3) West Curness Street (Wrong spelling should be Durness)

(4) Curness Street (This street does exist. It is situated in Lewisham about ten minutes away from where Sandra and I use to live. Although it wasn't there then) See photographs (CS1)