The Family Tree.

The tree is comprised of family groups. Each individual in the group has their own page. If you click on “The Family Tree” this will take you to the earliest times and you can work your way through the tree branch by branch, person by person. To move around the tree click on a person you wish to view and this will show you their known details and perhaps certificates relating to their birth, death or marriage and in some cases a photograph of the individual and their spouse. To go back a page click on the left arrow on the tool bar at the top of the screen or to go back to the individual’s parents click on the individuals name at the top of the page. The Birth, Deaths lists below contain each individuals identity number (I.D.N.) or a (M.I.D.N) in the cases of Marriages and the link can take you straight to their page, you can then work backwards to where we all started from, William and Charlotte.

Names in Alphabetical Order.

To make things a little easier to find an individual who’s name you know but are unsure of the year in which they were born, you can also click on the “Names in Alphabetical Order” which has their birth dates and death dates (if applicable) together with the I. D. N. links. This page might take a little while to load but I think it is worth while.

Birth, Death and Marriage Details.

These are lists of Birth, Deaths and Marriages from 1837 – 1991 taken from what was then known as St Catherine’s House Records. This has now changed twice and is now known as The Central Index for England an Wales. I have also included details that pertain to the Curness Clan after 1991 for England and Wales and another set of details which pertain to members of the Curness Clan outside of England and Wales.

History of this Site.

How this site came to be and why I think it is important. (Work in progress).


This is a list of people, places and other uses of the name Curness I have found, whilst I do a regular check of the world wide web. I cannot at this stage link any of the people to the tree and in some cases, after I have followed up on a lead, I have found that it is due to a spelling error