(337) Charles Albert Curness

(B337) 18th Mar 1927. Gillingham. Kent.

(C337) ?. ?.

(D337) 17th Nov 2011. Victor Harbour. South Australia. Australia.

Occupation :-

Married (M148) 29th Sep 1951. Gillingham. Kent.




(363) June Pamela Stewart

(B363) 22nd Jan 1932. Gillingham. Kent.

(C333) ?. ?.


Occupation :-

Children :-

(364) Paul Charles Curness (B) 3rd May 1953. Gillingham. Kent. -

(365) Stewart Curness (B) 29th Jun 1954. Gillingham. Kent. -

(366) Scott David Curness (B) 28th Jan 1971. Adelaide. South Australia. Australia. -

Footnote :- Charlie was the first person to reply to my first batch of three letters I sent out in early 1995, seeking members of the Curness Clan and so holds a special position in the way the the tree evolved. He also sent me a small family tree starting with his father Walter John, which included all his siblings and half-siblings, plus their children. Of course at that stage I did not know that we were all related, I now know that his father and my grandfather were first cousins. I was lucky enough to meet Charlie, his wife June and large number of his family in March 2011, just after his 84th birthday. Thank you Charlie, for all your help.