(300) William Henry Carness

(B300) 16th Oct 1924. Southampton. Hampshire.

(C300) ?. ?.

(D300) 15th Dec 1962. Southampton. Hampshire.

Occupation :- Boiler Maker. Furnaceman.

Married (M116) 17th Jan 1948. The Registry Office. Cardiff. Glamorganshire. Wales.

Renewed Vows (M117) 2nd Qtr 1958. Southampton. Hampshire.


(302) Audrey Beryl Darke

(B302) 23rd May 1924. Cardiff. Glamorganshire. Wales.

(C302) ?. ?.

(D302) 1st May 2006. Cardiff. Glamorganshire. Wales.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(303) Terence William Curness (B) 18th Jan 1946. Southampton. Hampshire. - (D) 17th Jul 2015. Cardiff. Glamorganshire. Wales.

(304) Dawn Yvonne Lorraine Curness (B) 5th Jul 1947. Cardiff. Glamorganshire. Wales. -

Footnote :- There was another child born to Audrey Beryl Curness nee Darke. Her name was registered as Jane Curness in the September quarter of 1963 in Cardiff. Although it is just possible for her to be the daughter of William Henry Curness it is most unlikely. It is thought that she was fathered by a Frank Ham and has probably taken his name for there are no records of her marrying under the name of Curness.