(387) Percy Charles Curness

(B387) 14th Apr 1922. Greenwich. London.

(C387) ?. ?.

(D387) 1st Jan 1997. Bromley. Kent.

Occupation :- Rent Officer.

Married (M162) 3rd Jan 1947. Greenwich. London.




(406) Joyce Eaglestone

(B406) 25th May 1925. Woolwich. London.

(C406) ?. ?.

(D406) 27th May 2004. Bromley. Kent.

Occupation :- Clerical Officer.

Children :-

(407) Jane Curness (B) 8th Dec 1962. Woolwich. London. -

Footnote :- Although he was registered as Percy Charles,not sure what he was Christened but he prefered to be known as Charles or Charlie. I was lucky enough to meet Charles and his family shortly before he died and I know that the name Percy was a definite no no. His family would like it, if he was known only as Charles.