(283) Amelia Mary Curness

(B283) 31st Jul 1870. Lambeth. London.

(C283) 9th Oct 1870. St Mary. Lambeth. London.

(D283) Dec Qtr 1946. Greenwich. London.

Occupation :-

Partner (P214) Not Married


(564) Frederick ?

(B564) ?. ?.

(C564) ?. ?.

(D564) ?. ?.

Occupation :-

Children :-

Ernest Arthur ? (B) 22nd Sep 1892. Greenwich. London. (C) 19th Oct 1892. Greenwich. London. -


Married (M124) Sep Qtr 1893. Dover. Kent.


(317) William Albert Milligan

(B317) 1871. Poplar. London.

(C317) ?. ?.

(D317) Jun Qtr 1939. Greenwich. London.

Occupation :- Boiler Maker.

Children :-

William Milligan (B) 1893. Greenwich. London. - (D) ?. ?.

James Alfred Milligan (B) 16th Jul 1894. Dover. Kent. - (D) Mar Qtr 1966. Greenwich. London. Married Elsie M. Armitiage in 1923.

Amelia Mary Ellen Milligan (B) 6th Apr 1897. Greenwich. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1974. Greenwich. London. Married Frederick Milligan in 1917.

Ellen Maria Milligan (B) 2nd Jan 1899. Greenwich. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1973. Greenwich. London. Married Albert L. Worboys in 1927.

Matthew Charles Milligan (B) 29th Jul 1900. Greenwich. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1954. Woolwich. London. Married Florence Armitiage in 1927.

Henry Frederick Milligan (B) 2nd May 1902. Greenwich. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1932. Greenwich. London. Married White in 1927.

Rosina Alice Milligan (B) 7th May 1904. Greenwich. London. - (D) Sep 1968. Greenwich. London. Married Robert E. Comper in 1940.

Frederick John Milligan (B) 4th Apr 1906. Greenwich. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1935. Stepney. London. Married Glenys A. R. Bevan in 1944.

Ada Florence Milligan (B) 1st Mar 1908. Greenwich. London. - (D) Apr Qtr 1969. Chatham. Kent. Married George E. Clark in 1928.

Edith Grace Milligan (B) Sep Qtr 1909. Greenwich. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1911. Greenwich. London.

Sidney George Milligan (B) Sep Qtr 1911. Greenwich. London. (C) 26th Oct 1911. Greenwich. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1968. Greenwich. London. - Married Ivy N. Bass in 1937.

Footnote :- Amelia and her husband William, together with their five children, were living at 24. Glenforth Street. Greenwich, on the night of the 1901 census. See attachment (A 023).

The reason for the inclusion of Frederick as a parner on this page because there is no record of a marriage. At the christening's of Sidney George and Ernest Arthur, their surnames are given as Curness, their mother as Amelia and their fathers as William and Frederick respectively. See Attachment (CA 002). Ernest Arthur was born about a year before Amelia's marriage to William and so was born out of wedlock. There is no record of him after the christening and he does not appear on the 1901 census as either a Curness or a Milligan.

William and Amelia's first born William Milligan junior is shown on the 1901 census as being born in 1893, but does not appear on the family census for 1911. By this time he would have been eighteen and could have moved away from home. I have yet to find him as there are many people with the same name born around the same era.

(A 023) (CA 002)