(230) Ian Peter Curness

(B230) 13th Sep 1962. Woking. Surrey.

(C230) ?. ?.


Occupation :- Chef. Squash Instructor. Hotel Owner in Greek Isles.

Married (M095) 15th Mar 1986. Andover. Hampshire.




(237) Mandy J. Gilbank

(B237) 1st Mar 1962. Redruth. Cornwall.

(C237) ?. ?.


Occupation :-

Children :-

(238) Georgina Kara Curness (B) 15th Apr 1987. Bristol. Somerset. -

(239) Harry William James Curness (B) 10th Sep 1989. Bath. Somerset. -


Remarried (M230) 27th Mar 2014. Two Bridges Hotel. Princetown. Devon.


(555) Tina Ann Stuart (Woodhead) (Boys)

(B555) 20th Feb 1958. Willisden. London.

(C555) ?. ?.



Occupation :-

Footnote :- Mandy and her former partner Alan Smoothy have a son, who was registered as Daniel John Curness. I now know he has taken his father's surname. I mention him, as he is a half-brother to Georgina and Harry. He was born in the March of 1994, in Bristol, Avon.