(199) Frederick Robert Curness

(B199) Jun Qtr 1884. Holborn. London.

(C199) ?. ?.

(D199) Dec Qtr 1910. Shoreditch. London.

Occupation :- Errand Boy. Porter.

Married (M102) 28th Jan 1906. St Paul. Clerkenwell. London.


(259) Eliza Emily (Amelia) Gould

(B259) Mar Qtr 1885. Holborn. London.

(C259) 25th Sep 1885. St John. Clerkenwell. London.

(D259) ?. ?.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(260) Frederick Curness (B) Sep Qtr 1906. City of London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1906. City of London.

(261) Frances Harriet Curness (B) 6th Jan 1908. Shoreditch. London. - (D) 12th Sep 2000. Hertfordshire.

(262) Frederick Robert Curness (B) 13th Jan 1909. Holborn. London. - (D) 28th Feb 1973. City of London.

Amelia M. Gould (B) Mar Qtr 1913. Holborn. London. -

Edward A. Gould (B) Sep Qtr 1914. Holborn. London. -

Eliza Curness (B) Dec Qtr 1915. Holborn. London. -

Frederick J. Gould (B) Jun Qtr 1916. Holborn. London. -

George H. Gould (B) Sep Qtr 1918. Holborn. London. -

Footnote :- Eliza Emily Curness nee Gould had four more children, registered under the name Gould. These are the four above. Their mother's maiden name is given as Curness in the record books. Then there was another child born to Eliza, she was registered as Eliza Curness in the December quarter of 1915 in Holborn, her mother's maiden name is given as Gould. As Frederick Robert Curness had died some five years earlier, the real father of these five children is unknown and I have no knowledge of Eliza Emily marrying again.

It is possible that the young Eliza and her siblings took their real father's name, as there are no known further records that tie them to the Curness family. Normally these children would not appear on this site but as I do not know the name of the father and if they assumed his surname, I have included them as a point of interest but have not tried to find any further information about them.

I now believe that one of Eliza's brothers, Edward James Gould, was the partner of her husband Frederick's sister Frances Mary. The only thing that queries that theory is on her baptism record. She was baptised as Emily Amelia Gould. I think that mistakes were made at the baptism, with Emily and Amelia sounding similar. And as a lot of people could not read or write, it was difficult for them to to realise there had been a mistake.