(198) Frances Mary Curness

(B198) 31st May 1882. Holborn. London.

(C198) 30th Jul 1882. St Paul. Clerkenwell. London.

(D198) 16th Nov 1968. Westminster. London.

Occupation :- Cardboard Box Maker

Married (M101) 21st Oct 1900. St Thomas. Clerkenwell. London.


(258) William Thomas Alfred Waring

(B258) 20th Feb 1876. Holborn. London.

(C258) 30th Nov 1876. St Mary. Hoxton. London.

(D258) 4th Dec 1914. Melcombe Regis. Weymouth. Dorset.

Occupation :- Porter. Carman.

Children :-

Emily Frances Wearing (B) 29th Sep 1900. Holborn. London. - (D) ?. ?. Married James Richard Alfred Miller in 1921.

Rosina Emma Wearing (B) 7th Feb 1903. Holborn. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1971. Greenwich. London. Married George W. Sperinck in 1922.

Nellie Wearing (B) 23rd Aug 1905. Shoreditch. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1906 Shoreditch. London.

Alice Maud Wearing (B) 16th Jul 1909. Shoreditch. London. - (D) 11th Nov 1999. Chaltfont St Peter. Buckinghamshire. Married Edward William Barker in 1931.


Partner (P266) Not Married


(612) Edward James Gould

(B612) 29th Jul 1969. Holborn. London.

(C612) 13th Mar 1881. St John. Clerkenwell. London.

(D612) 30th Mar 1947. Finsbury. London..

Occupation :- House Painter and Decorator.

Amelia Mary Gould (B) 26th Dec 1912. Holborn. London. - (D) 9th Sep 1993. City of London. Married Henry Joseph Gill in 1938.

Edward Alfred Gould (B) 8th Jun 1915. Holborn. London. - (D) Aug 2003. Hounslow. London.

Frederick J. Gould (B) Jun Qtr 1916 Holborn. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1917. Islington. London.

George H. Gould (B) Sep Qtr 1918. Holborn. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1919. Holborn. London.


Remarried (M268) 13th Aug 1949. The Registry Office. Finsbury. London.


(614) Alfred George Moore

(B612) Dec Qtr 1888. Pancras. London.

(C612) ?. ?.

(D612) ?. ?.

Occupation :- Glassware Packer.

Footnote :- Frances's life must have been quite hard. Her first husband William Waring was not a nice man and spent time in and out of prison. This left Frances in desparate straights and she was in and out of the workhouse. Her third child Nellie was born and died in the workhouse. William redeeming factor is the fact that he did enlist for the first world war where he substained injuries that led to his death in 1914.

I now believe that Edward James Gould, who was Frances's second partner and father of four of her eight children, was the brother of Eliza Emily Gould, the wife of Frances's younger brother Frederick Robert Curness.

I have been told that she did however enjoy a drink or two and liked a sing song in her local pub. This indicates to me that she got on with life despite what it had thrown at her.