(195) George William Curness

(B195) 6th Apr 1877. Holborn. London.

(C195) ?. ?.

(D195) 22nd Jun 1925. East Freemantle. Western Australia. Australia.

Occupation :- Box Cutter, Labourer.

Married (M215) 5th Jun 1920. The Registry Office. Freemantle. Western Australia. Australia.


(531) Gertrude Gibson (Hodgson)

(B531) 4th Dec 1890. Guildford. Western Australia. Australia.

(C531) ?. ?.

(D531) 24th Jul 1986. Embleton. Western Australia. Australia.

Occupation :- Cook.

It is stated on his death certificate that George arrived in Australia around 1900, but he was, according to the 1901 census for England and Wales, he was working as a Box Cutter and living as a lodger at 17, Helmet Row, St Lukes, London at that time. See attachment (A 011) It is possible that he was employed at the same place of work as his younger sister Frances, who was a Cardboard Box Maker. I do not know if he arrived in Australia with his brother John, as I have still to find out what ship he or they arrived on. I have since found out that he fought for Australia in World War One. I have yet to find out the details. His wife Gertrude was previously married to a Joseph Sylvester Hodgson, whom she wed on the 5th of June 1920. She had one daughter, Florence, who was born in 1914.

(A 011)