(190) Maria Frances Curness

(B190) 31st Mar 1867. Southwark. London.

(C190) ?. ?.

(D190) 25th Nov 1937. South West Essex.

Occupation :- Tie Maker.

Married (M079) Mar Qtr 1886. St Giles. London.


(200) Walter Henry Lloyd

(B200) Mar Qtr 1865. St Giles. London.

(C200) ?. ?.

(D200) Sep Qtr 1921. Edmonton. London.

Occupation :- Printer Compositer.

Children :-

Maria Mary Lloyd (B) Sep Qtr 1886. Holborn. London. - Married Henry Fulker or Bertie William Lingwood in 1909.

Maud Rosina Lloyd (B) Sep Qtr 1888. Holborn. London. - (D) 4th Aug 1965. Southend-on-Sea. Essex. Married Ernest William Leftwich in 1912.

Grace Edith Lloyd (B) Mar Qtr 1890. Walthamstow. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1971. Bromley. Kent. Married Robert J. R. Wright in 1914.

Walter Henry Lloyd (B) Dec Qtr 1891. Walthamstow. London. - Married May Christina Pallant in 1926.

Ada Lizzie Lloyd (B) Dec Qtr 1893. Walthamstow. London. - Married William G. Johnston in 1915.

Albert Edward Lloyd. (B) Sep Qtr 1895. Walthamstow. London. - Married Florence E. Bird in 1926.

Edith Emma Lloyd (B) Jun Qtr 1897. Walthamstow. London. - Married Joseph Charles G. Bell in 1923.

Arthur David John Benjamin Lloyd (B) 24th Jan 1908. Walthamstow. London. - (D) 29th Dec 2002. Gloucester. Glocestershire. Married Helen Andrews in 1933.

Footnote :- Maria and her husband Walter, together with the first seven children, were living at 7. Hawthorn Road. Wathamstow, on the night of the 1901 census. See attachment (A 022).

(A 022)