(427) William John Curness

(B427) 14th Nov 1924. Greenwich. London.

(C427) ?. ?.

(D427) 16th Dec 2007. Blackburn. Lancashire.

Occupation :- Coal Miner.

Married (M182) 22nd Sep 1945. Methodist Chapel. Bacup. Lancashire.


(451) Mary Everitt

(B451) 5th Aug 1925. Bacup. Lancashire.

(C451) ?. ?.

(D451) 9th May 1999. Burnley. Lancashire.

Occupation :- Cotton Ring Spinner.

Children :-

(452) William Curness (B) 15th Jul 1946. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(453) Laura Curness (B) 9th Jun 1948. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(454) Judith Anne Curness (B) 12th Feb 1953. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(455) John Francis Curness (B) 29th Apr 1956. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(456) Mary Helen Curness (B) 30th Jun 1958. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(457) Alison Jane Curness 28th Dec 1962. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(458) David Paul Curness (B) 28th Dec 1962. Bacup. Lancashire. -

(459) Cathryn Curness (B) 29th Jan 1965. Bacup. Lancashire. - (D) 29th Jan 1965. Bacup. Lancashire.

Footnote :- Most of the details for William John Curness, his wife Mary and all of his large family were supplied by Mary and his son David. David also supplied most of the certificates which relate to his grandfather's family back to his great-grandfather. William John or Bill as he was known, came up to Bacup in Lancashire at the beginning of the war as an evacuee, to get away from the bombing in London. By the time the war ended, Bill was working at Ross Mill where he met Mary, so he stayed. Later he became a miner and was known as "Cockney Bill". His mother did not like Bacup and went back to live in London.