(414) Charlotte Challis Curness

(B414) 13th Jan 1871. Lambeth. London.

(C414) 31st Mar 1881. St Paul. Westminster Bridge Road. Lambeth. London.

(D414) 31st Oct 1926. Lewisham. London.

Occupation :-

Married (M191) 30th Sep 1891. St Paul. Deptford. London.


(477) Francis Charles Ruzbridge

(B477) 26th Nov 1865. Greenwich. London.

(C477) 3rd Jan 1866. St Alphege. Greenwich. London.

(D477) Mar Qtr 1926. Greenwich. London.

Occupation :- Dock Labourer.

Children :-

Agnes Maud Ruzbridge (B) 30th Jan 1893. Deptford. London. - (D) 28th Sep 1991. Ramsgate. Kent. Married Percy Albert Green in 1918.

Mary Eleanor Ruzbridge (B) 21st Jul 1894. Deptford. London. - (D) Jan 1991. Canterbury. Kent. Married John J. Cooper in 1916.

Frances Walter Ruzbridge (B) 18th Nov 1896. West Ham. London. - (D) 18th May 1976. Brighton. East Sussex. Married Kathleen Hansor in 1924. Remarried Mary Josephine Stevenson in 1966.

Charlotte Ada M. Ruzbridge (B) 11th May 1900. West Ham. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1977. Tonbridge. Kent. Married Edward Webster in 1921. Remarried Herbert G. Bamfield in 1946.

Ethel Lucy Ruzbridge (B) 25th May 1902. West Ham. London. - (D) Jun 1990. Bromley. Kent. Married Gordon Horatio R. Brown in 1926.

Minnie Rosina Ruzbridge (B) 12th Sep 1904. Lewisham. London. - (D) Feb 1992. Southend-on-Sea. Married Arthur H. Dye in 1927.

William G. Ruzbridge (B) Sep Qtr 1906. Lewisham. London. - (D) 27th Jul 1909. Lewisham. London.

Henry Albert Ruzbridge (B) Dec Qtr 1908. Lewisham. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1913. Lewisham. London.

Rosina Jessica Ruzbridge (B) 16th Sep 1911. Lewisham. London. - (D) Sep 2005. Croydon. Surrey. Married James P. Kent in 1932.

William Henry A. Ruzbridge (B) 7th Nov 1915. Lewisham. London. - (D) Jan 2007. Brentwood. Essex. Married in Alice Bedford 1939.

Footnote :- Charlotte and her husband Francis, together with their four eldest children, were living at 42. Benges Street. West Ham, on the night of the 1901 census. See attachment (A 026).

(A 026)