(110) George Ernest Curness

(B110) 28th Sep 1914. Camberwell. London.

(C110) ?. ?.

(D110) 28th Jul 1994. Leicester. Leicestershire.

Occupation :- Plumbing Engineer.

Married (M050) 16th Mar 1968. Leicester. Leicestershire.


(126) Annie Kathleen Rootes (Moy)

(B126) 14th May 1907. Bermondsey. London.

(C126) ?. ?.

(D126) 29th Jul 1969. Leicester. Leicestershire.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(127) Robert John Curness (B) 10th May 1946. Leicester. Leicestershire. [Adopted] -


Remarried (M051) 3rd Jun 1972. Leicester. Leicestershire.




(128) June Pell

(B128) 7th Jun 1947. Leicester. Leicestershire.

(C128) ?. ?.

(D126) 26th Jun 2018. Leicester. Leicestershire.

Occupation :-

Footnote :- George's first wife Annie Kathleen Rootes was previously married to an Alfred Edward Moy in 1926. They had twin daughters, Emily M. Jean Foy and Violet K. E. Foy. Emily who is known as Jean, married an Albert Butler and Violet married a William C. Sturgeon. There was also a son Alfred E. Moy who died at the age of six in 1934. At this stage it is unknown when Annie and George first met up and when they moved to Leicester. As Annie and Alfred Moy were never divorced, she was unable to marry George until after Alfred death in 1967. In 2009 I was lucky enough to meet George's second wife June at her home in Ratby. She, in turn had organised for George's adopted son Robert and some of his family to be there, which was great for me.