Early 1940s

Late 1960s


(106) Frederick Curness

(B106) 24th Sep 1904. Camberwell. London.

(C106) 16th Oct 1904. St George. Camberwell. London.

(D106) Sep Qtr 1975. Southwark. London.

Occupation :- Dustman.

Married (M046) Jun Qtr 1930. Camberwell. London.


(122) May Elizabeth Simpson

(B122) Jun Qtr 1908. Camberwell. London.

(C122) ?. ?.

(D122) Sep Qtr 1945. Camberwell. London.

Occupation :-


Remarried (M047) Sep Qtr 1951. Camberwell. London.


Late 1960s


(123) Elizabeth May Smith (Brigden)

(B123) 28th Dec 1910. Camberwell. London.

(C123) ?. ?.

(D123) Jun Qtr 1978. Southwark. London.

Occupation :-

Footnote :- Although Frederick (Fred or Derf as he was known) had no children from either of his two marriages, his second wife Elizabeth May had been married before. From this marriage she had a daughter called Maisie Brigden. Maisie's daughter Sheila Johnston kindly supplied the photographs of Frederick and Elizabeth and the one of Fred's brother Alfred William.