(145) James Alfred Curness

(B145) 27th Apr 1911. Peckham. London.

(C145) 12th Jul 1911. All Staints. North Peckham. London.

(D145) 10th Dec 1962. Lewisham. London.

Occupation :- Factory Boy. Labourer, Warehouse Foreman.

Married (M064) 20th Aug 1938. St George the Martyr. Southwark. London.






(157) Violet Grace Evans

(B157) 31st Dec 1910. Lambeth. London.

(C157) 22nd Jan 1911. Lambeth. London.

(D157) 25th Aug 1997. Wardington. Oxfordshire.

Occupation :- Stores Clerk.

Children :-

(158) Anthony James Curness (B) 12th Aug 1939. Watford. Hertfordshire. -

(159) Christopher John Curness (B) 9th Mar 1945. Amersham. Buckinghamshire. - (D) 10th Dec 2009. Banbury. Oxfordshire.

Footnote :- James Alfred Curness was born at 55 Sumner Road, Peckham, in South East London on the 27th April 1911. I do not know much about his earliest years as he died at the young age of 51, so the subject never came up. I do know that he started work at Sainsbury's, the grocery chain, see attachment (A 030) as a factory lad on the 18th August 1927, after two short stints with other companies, joining his father and elder brother. He was always known as Jim Curness or at work as Jack, I guess because of his initials. He was not a sportsman but had a love of gardening. When he was a young man he had kept caged birds, canaries and budgerigars because the family back yard was so small. His family already kept rabbits and chickens and ran a small vegetable garden so space was at a premium. He met Violet Grace Evans who also worked at Sainbury's and they married in 1938. He was in the R.A.F. during World War Two serving in the far east. After the war he returned to work at Sainsbury's where he stayed until his death. At that time he had reached the position of foreman at their main depot in Stamford Street, Blackfriars. He died in The Lewisham Hospital on the 10th December 1962.