(044) John Frederick Curness

(B044) 6th Apr 1877. Southwark. London.

(C044) ?. ?.

(D044) 4th Jun 1954. Camberwell. London.

Occupation :- Carman.

Married (M058) 3rd Jul 1904. Holy Trinity. Westminster. London.


(141) Susan White

(B141) 6th Apr 1882. Westminster. London.

(C141) ?. ?.

(D141) 16th Apr 1963. Mid East Surrey.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(142) John Frederick Curness (B) 3rd May 1905. Lambeth. London. - (D) 18th Nov 1963. Camberwell. London.

(143) Rose Emily Curness (B) 11th Feb 1907. Southwark. London. - (D) 7th Aug 1982. Sidcup. Kent.

(144) Kate Elizabeth Curness (B) 3rd Mar 1909. Southwark. London. - (D) 24th Jul 2001. Salisbury. Wiltshire.

(145) James Alfred Curness (B) 27th Apr 1911. Peckham. London. - (D) 10th Dec 1962. Lewisham. London.

(146) Ellen Winifred Ada Curness(B) 5th Jan 1914. Camberwell. London. - (D) 27th Oct 1957. Greenwich. London.

(147) Ivy Margaret Curness (B) 22nd Jul 1917. Camberwell. London. - (D) 10th Mar 1994. Sutton. Surrey.

(148) George Arthur Curness (B) 16th Jun 1920. Camberwell. London. - (D) 10th Feb 1991. Bexley. Kent.

Footnote :- My knowelege of my grandfather is limited. I remember him and my grandmother living on the ground level of a three storey house in Longcroft Road which was off of the Albany Road in the Camberwell district of London. It is now part of Burgess Park. His eldest son John, wife Marie (Maria) and their two children Marie and John lived on the first floor and his youngest daughter Ivy and her husband Arthur Jones lived on the second floor. I also remember Christmas time just after the war, when the whole family would come and stay at the house for Christmas and Boxing Day. It must have been cramped, sixteen adults and about eight children.

Earlier, I had trouble finding him in the 1881 census as their surname for some unknown reason was spelt Cairness. He was orphand at the age of five in 1882 when his father died, his mother had died when he was three. I again had trouble finding hime in the 1891 census, he was living with his step-mother Catherine and she must have registered him as a John Parmenter, Parmenter was Catherine first husband's surname. I do not know what name he was using but have been unable to locate him in the 1901 census, when he was twenty four. However three years later he and Susan White were married, so he must have been around somewhere. About the same time he was employed as a carman at the jam factory of E & T Pink, where he stayed, until he started work on the 16th Aug 1915, with Sainsbury's the grocery store, also as a carman. He worked out of their head office at Stanford Street, Blackfriars.