(035) Frederick Joseph Curness

(B035) 21st Feb 1857. Lambeth. London.

(C035) 15th Mar 1857. St Bride. Fleet Street. London.

(D035) Jun Qtr 1912. Poplar. London.

Occupation :- Printer's Machine Minder.

Married (M012) 30th Mar 1878. St John. Walworth. London.


(047) Rosina Bone

(B047) Mar Qtr 1857. Lambeth. London.

(C047) ?. ?.

(D047) Dec Qtr 1900. Poplar. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(048) Joseph Thomas Curness (B) 30th Oct 1878. Southwark. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1930. Islington. London.

(049) Frederick William Curness (B) Sep Qtr 1880. Southwark. London. - (D) Sep Qtr 1883. Lambeth. London.

(050) Rosina Charlotte Curness (B) Mar Qtr 1883. Lambeth. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1887. Poplar. London.

(051) William Frederick Curness (B) Mar Qtr 1885. Southwark. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1887. Poplar. London.

(052) Albert Edward Curness (B) 4th Oct 1886. Bow. London. - (D) 20th Dec 1960. Romford. Essex.

(053) Harry Arthur Edward Curness (B) 14th Aug 1888. Poplar. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1953. Romford. Essex.

(054) Rose (Kitty) Curness (B) 21st Feb 1890. Poplar. London. - (D) Dec Qtr 1974. Hackney. London.

(055) Alfred (Edward) Curness (B) 16th Sep 1892. Poplar. London. - (D) 8th Jan 1966. Shoreditch. London.

(056) Ann Curness (B) Mar Qtr 1895. Poplar. London. - (D) Mar Qtr 1949. Edminton. London.


Remarried (M013) 22nd Mar 1903. St Mark. Bow. London.


(057) Emma Hartley (Saunders)

(B057) 18th May 1855. Bethnal Green. London.

(C057) 10th Jun 1855. St Matthew. Bethnal Green. Londo

(D057) Mar Qtr 1906. Poplar. London.

Occupation :-

Footnote :- On census night 1881, Frederick Joseph, his first wife Rosina, the first two of their nine children and his inlaws were all living together at 13. Anns Place. Southwark. See attachment (A 002). On census night 1901, Frederick and the four youngest of his surviving children were living at 8. Jodrell Road. See attachment (A 008). This 1901 census confirmed my beliefs about the compostion of the family. The proof of the two eldest of the three children that died in infancy is confirmed by their Baptism / Christening records which are attached to their pages.

(A 002) (A 008)