(031) Henry James Curness

(B031) 30th Nov 1845. Lambeth. London.

(C031) 31st May 1846. St John the Evangelist. Lambeth. London.

(D031) 17th Nov 1912. Greenwich. London.

Occupation :- Boiler Maker.

Partner (P256) Not Married.


(600) Mary Ann Bond

(B600) 8th Dec 1841. Southwark. London.

(C600) 2nd Jan 1842. St John the Evangelist. Lambeth. London.

(D600) ?. ?.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(601) Henry William Curness / Bond (B) Dec Qtr 1865. Southwark. London. -


Married (M166) 11th May 1868. St James the Great. Bethnal Green. London.


(411) Charlotte Challis Knott

(B411) 29th Oct 1847. Blackfriars. London.

(C411) 19th Nov 1848. St Marys. Lambeth. London.

(D411) 7th Apr 1909. Greenwich. London.

Occupation :-

Children :-

(412) Henry James Curness (B) 4th Aug 1866. Shoreditch. London. - (D) 19th Nov 1926. Greenwich. London.

(413) George Alfred Curness (B) 17th May 1870. Lambeth. London. - (D) 12th Jul 1880. Southwark. London.

(414) Charlotte Challis Curness (B) 18th Jan 1871. Lambeth. London. - (D) 31st Oct 1926. Lewisham. London.

(415) William John Curness (B) 7th May 1873. Greenwich. London. - (D) 13th Jun 1912. Greenwich. London.

(416) Amy Elizabeth Curness (B) 23rd Jun 1875. Greenwich. London. - (D) 11th Sep 1881. Southwark. London.

(417) Lucy Maria Curness (B) 3rd Nov 1877. Greenwich. London. - (D) 12th Nov 1909. West Ham. London.

(418) Annie Louisa Curness (B) 26th Apr 1880. Southwark. London. - (D) Jun Qtr 1882. Southwark. London.

(419) George Arthur Curness (B) 18th Mar 1882. St Saviour. London. - (D) 22nd Jun 1955. South West Essex.

(420) Ada Elizabeth Curness (B) 5th Jul 1884. Greenwich. London. - (D) 20th Dec 1961. Woolwich. London.

Footnote :- Before Henry married Charlotte, he was in a relationship with a Mary Ann Bond with whom he had a son Henry William. Henry William was registered as Henry William Bond and at this stage there is no information of what happened to him.

After his marriage to Charlotte they lived in James Street, Lambeth. Then sometime between 1871 and 1873 he, Charlotte and their family moved to Greenwich as his elder brother William had done at about the same time. His family however moved back to Southwark some time between 1877 and 1880 but returned to Greenwich before 1884, before spending their remainding days living in Deptford.

On the night of the 1881 census, Henry James, his wife Charlotte Challis and their family were living in Duke Street, Southwark. See attachment (A 007). At this time they were registered under the name Curnett. This was as the result of the transcription work when transcribed from the census collector's handwritten entries into typeset.

Then on the night of the 1901 census Henry, Charlotte and their youngest daughter Ada Elizabeth, were living in Glenforth Street, Greenwich. See attachment (A 016).

(A 007) 1881 Census

(A 016) 1901 Census